Grantee Highlight: Jewish Association on Aging

Reaching Out to Pittsburgh’s Elder Community

The Jewish Association on Aging (JAA) has been dedicated to caring for the elder population of Pittsburgh since 1906. Throughout its century-long history, the organization has provided hospice and palliative care, home care, adult day care, as well as rehabilitation and assisted living services. JAA has also met the needs of the increasing number of individuals suffering from dementia via a robust memory care program, which was made possible by three grants from the Sephardic Foundation On Aging (SFOA) totaling $300,000.

Providing a Sanctuary to Age with Dignity

In 2018, SFOA provided a $125,000 grant to help JAA build its AHAVA Memory Care Center, the first of its kind in Pittsburgh. The center gives respite to those older adults and their families affected by dementia by offering them a sanctuary to age with dignity as their care needs increase. AHAVA also runs community outreach programs, including memory care education for families, caregivers and medical professionals.

The grant helped the construction of 30 resident rooms for the AHAVA Memory Care Center, and SFOA provided another $125,000 in 2019 for the continuation of the capital project. The AHAVA center combines other memory care initiatives such as a personal care residence, a nursing residence, an adult daycare program for those living at home and nighttime services for individuals whose dementia prevents them from sleeping.

Bringing Care to Seniors At Home

JAA received a $50,000 grant from SFOA in 2021, which helped them launch the Charles Morris At-Home Care pilot program. The initiative provides nursing, therapy and social work support, as well as telehealth services. The pilot aims to replicate outcomes of an inpatient nursing facility in a home-based model, and thus enhance the quality of life of those beneficiaries living at home or in assisted settings. Especially after COVID forced the organization to close its nursing home, SFOA’s funding of the Charles Morris program helped JAA continue bringing care to seniors in need.

SFOA was the “Signature Supporter” of Memory Care Initiatives

SFOA’s grants were instrumental in the development of JAA’s memory care initiatives. “SFOA was our signature supporter for the AHAVA Memory Care Center,” said JAA President and CEO Deborah Winn-Horvitz. “We would not have been able to complete the project without them, especially during initial phases of COVID.” Thanks to the grants, JAA is able to continue “giving the seniors they care for their best day” regardless of their stage of cognitive decline. “SFOA was the sole funder [of the pilot program] and we are incredibly thankful for that support.”

Posted June 30, 2022